Make Bank Holidays a Blast with a Bit of Bowling

Make Bank Holidays a Blast with a Bit of Bowling

Bank holidays have the unique ability to offer a day off from work and school, but it can sometimes be frustrating that most businesses have closed doors. However, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a bank holiday outside of the house as long as you know where to go. One of those locations is the local bowling centre, where you can eat, drink, play, and be merry. There are many reasons to make your go-to holiday destination The Planet and we want to share them with you.

You Can Bring Friends

While you have free time, it’s a great time to get in touch with friends and have some fun. On the other hand, taking the whole family bowling is another great option. You can go in with a handful of friends or family members and have a fantastic time together. You get to compete and have fun but there is also downtime so you can chat and catch up with those who are around you.

It Gets You Moving

Exercise is important, but it isn’t always a lot of fun. Bowling is a definite exception to that rule. You get to move your body and burn calories, but it never feels like a chore. The exercise comes in the form of a game that anyone can play, no matter how old they are or how good they actually are at knocking down the pins. It’s a lot healthier than spending the day on video games or staring at the TV.

Weather Doesn’t Matter

Whether it’s rainy, windy, or beautiful outside, it doesn’t matter. When you step inside The Planet bowling centre, the outside world disappears. It’s going to be a nice temperature and you can take refuge from the bad weather while rolling a bowling ball or playing some laser tag. It lets you make the most of the holiday, even if you would otherwise feel like going outside is a bad idea.

Inexpensive Fun

While you may have only a few options in terms of entertainment on bank holidays, what is available is often more expensive than heading to the lanes. Restaurants can be expensive, and the bowling alley has food to enjoy with the entertainment, so you get the best of both. If a cinema is open, it’s going to be just as expensive as the restaurant once you buy tickets and some popcorn. The Planet nearly always has some special offers going on, as well, to make the whole thing even more budget-friendly.

So next time a bank holiday is coming up, stop by the lanes and throw a ball at some pins. You might find that it’s just what you’ve been missing.

Laser Tag Strategies to Help You Win Games

Colors and Layers: What to Wear for Laser Tag

  1. Wear dark-colored clothes. Light colors will make you stand out and turn you into an easier target. (Hopefully your dandruff won’t show up as tiny little flakes in the UV lights!)
  2. Wear comfortable shoes – ladies, that means no sandals and definitely no heels! Sneakers are your best bet, although boots will also work well, especially if they are dark colors.
  3. Dress in layers. This is important if you are like me and feel like you’re in the arctic when you walk past the frozen meats section at the grocery store. The laser tag arena can be cold initially, but it does get VERY hot as you start running (oops! Did I say running, I meant walking) around. Those of you who naturally have good insulation can skip this step.


You will sweat a lot, and the last thing you need is to fall over or feel ill in the middle of a game. Drink water before you go and bring a bottle of water with you if you have one.

Laser Tag Strategies: Defensive Techniques

  1. Learn the layout quickly. It helps to know the spots that offer a good vantage point but also give you some cover at the same time. Remember, though: safe can be boring. So if you haven’t really seen anyone after 30 seconds, MOVE!
  2. If you see someone taking aim and you cannot duck, try to turn sideways. They have less of a chance of hitting your sensors if you are not facing them full on.
  3. Walk like a crab, i.e. sideways. It should give you the greatest protection. Don’t forget to keep moving. Just standing in one place looking around is a sure way to get tagged by more experienced players.
  4. Upper levels are good for shooting down at unsuspecting questers. Again, this can get boring after a while, but I find it’s a good way for me to catch my breath for a minute. Full disclosure: I do not exercise so I am not the fittest person on earth.

Host Etiquette When Throwing a Child’s Birthday Party

One of the most exciting celebrations parents get to be a part of is hosting their children’s birthday parties. Kids can find their birthday more important and exciting than even holidays. It happens only once a year, so parents enjoy making it a special occasion. However, certain etiquette applies when hosting a birthday party and we wanted to share the basics so you can host a great party without worries.


About the Invitations


When you’re planning the party, sit down with your son or daughter and talk to them about who they want to attend the party. You’ll want to invite family members and close friends, along with children who are the child’s age. If you plan to invite most of the class, it’s usually better to invite them all so nobody feels left out. However, if you want a smaller party, there’s no need to send an invitation to everyone you know. Send out invitations in advance so people can plan for the party without having to change their plans.


Gift Opening Guidelines


If your child will be opening presents during the party, this often occurs after refreshments are served. Your child should be aware of how important it is to show thanks for all gifts, even if they get something they don’t like. The opening period shouldn’t be long and after all are open, they should be moved to another area so the party can continue.


Thinking About the Venue


You can choose to host the party in your home or at another venue. A bowling centre is a good option since it has entertainment, food, and a party atmosphere. While deciding on the venue is personal, remember that if you choose your own home, you’ll have to clean before the party for the parents and after the party since children can be messy.


Party Favour Thoughts


Having some sort of goody bag or party favours for the guests is typical at a child’s birthday party. If you choose to do bags, make sure there is one for each child. You might want to write their name on the bag so there are no mix-ups or confusion. Don’t feel like you have to buy expensive items for the bags. Items from a dollar store or inexpensive shop will be loved just as much. It gives them something to take home so they can remember the fun they had.


Beyond those tips, make sure you have plenty of cake and food that each child can eat. Choosing a venue like a bowling centre makes that easier since the kids and parents can select what they would like to eat. No matter what you do, remember that making sure the birthday boy or girl has a good time is the ultimate goal.

Why You Should Try Virtual Reality Video Games

If you visit a space that offers virtual reality experiences, you may be wondering if it’s something you should try. The truth is that virtual reality is everywhere now. You’ll see it in places like bowling alleys, arcades, and other entertainment venues. It’s also an exciting technology that can offer a lot more than you might know. We’re going to share why you should strap on that headset and give the experience a shot for yourself.

You Can Go Anywhere and Do Anything

Whether you love video games or not, virtual reality is a totally different experience. You can literally go anywhere and do anything and actually feel like you are doing it in real life. If you want to experience visiting Thailand, you can do that. If you prefer sitting on a beach, you can do that too. The experiences, video games or not, really put you in the action and make you feel like they are happening to you. It’s far more than an avatar on a screen. It’s immersive and realistic.

Games Are Coming Out Steadily

Gamers were the people who first latched onto virtual reality so it’s no surprise that games are coming out on a regular basis. It also means that the quality of those games is rapidly increasing. The Oculus, in particular, has amazing bundled games and is available at The Planet Galway bowling centre. Even those who haven’t felt excited by video games in the past may find that the immersion completely changes the game for them.

Virtual Reality is a Social Activity

Some people have complained in the past that virtual reality is nothing but an isolating activity. While you aren’t going to be looking at real people or exploring your actual environment, that doesn’t mean that there is no option for the community while using a headset. In fact, as time goes on it becomes increasingly common for games and applications to allow users to interact and be social while using a device. It doesn’t have to be something you do on your own with no input from other humans.

Virtual reality is here to stay and having a glimpse at the technology and what it can already accomplish is worth spending a few minutes on. It can make you aware of exactly what the future might be like. With venues offering virtual reality gaming experiences, it doesn’t have to cost a ton to give it a try yourself. Think about picking up a headset the next time you visit a bowling centre and have the chance. You never know, you might find out that it’s something you want to add to your list of hobbies

How Laser Tag Can Be a Positive Experience for Kids

Do you have a kid who isn’t really into sports? Maybe they aren’t the most active child and they prefer playing games on their computer to heading outdoors, but you want to get them immersed in something that moves their bodies. Laser tag is an inexpensive option that kids love and it’s often available at the local bowling alley so you can have fun at the same time. It’s a safe game that has tons of benefits for a child. And if you’re curious about the game, that’s fine too. Tons of adults enjoy a game of laser tag now and again.


Health Benefits


If you want your child to be a bit more active, laser tag is a great way to ensure that but in a way that is exciting and fun. The game is something that involves the fun of a shooting video game with healthy exercise. Your kid will get in some fantastic cardio while having fun with others in a safe way. There’s no physical contact with the sport so you don’t have to worry about injuries or accidents. It’s a great way to make getting fit fun.


Social Benefits


While kids are in laser tag games as opponents, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic bonding option. After the game is over, your kid may find that they make friends with those around them. It’s a hobby that is a great icebreaker for getting in contact with new people and offering socialization. If your child is having trouble with confidence or coming out of their shell, there’s nothing like laser tag to put them in contact with other kids and help them gain confidence as they gain skill in the sport.


Teamwork Benefits


In addition to getting social with other people, laser tag is a great option for teaching your child how to work in a team to accomplish specific goals together. This is an important lesson as a child grows older and has a need to work with others throughout their life. It gives your child the chance to learn how to strategize various solutions to reach a goal and practice it by working as a team. This is a talent that will carry over into your child’s adult life and prove to be extremely helpful for succeeding in life.


The good news is you don’t have to go out of your way to check out laser tag for your child. Places like bowling centre often offer arenas so your child can play while you enjoy the other games and entertainment. It’s a fun experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.

Why Putting A Spin On The Ball Can Be Effective

When you first started bowling—or if you’re still relatively new to the sport—your most likely try to send the ball directly down the middle of the lane. This makes sense and can be a very effective way of bowling a strike. However, a hook shot, which involves spinning the ball to make it “hook” or curve towards the end of the shot, has been proven to be a more effective manner of smashing down all of those pesky pins.

The Pins Are Your Friends

When bowling, you should think of the pins as your partners in getting the arrangement to topple over. The pins are numbered from 1 to 10, with the first pin, the one closest to you being the 1 pin, and the one farthest to the right in the back row is the 10 pin. When you bowl a strike with the ball going straight down the middle, you are striking the 1 pin straight on. Then the 1 pin is hitting the 2 and 3 pins. These can then send the 6 and 4 pins towards the ones in the corners in the back row, the 7 and 10 pins, while the ball goes straight down the middle taking care of the 5, 8, and 9 pins.

However, if this isn’t done perfectly, some pins will either not get hit at all, or get hit too lightly to have the desired effect. The 5 pin, the one in the middle, may get hit too lightly because it’s protected by the three pins in front of it. A hook shot sends the ball into the side between either the 1 and 3 or the 1 and 2 pins. It can then barrel into the five pin or send another pin into it. The ball’s momentum when it gets to the middle of the pins is greater because it wasn’t slowed down as much by the 1 pin. This gives it more impact and makes strike much more likely.


How to Aim Your Bowling Ball

You don’t want to wait until you have impressive aiming skills before you start thinking about where you want to put the ball in relation to the pins. In fact, having a specific spot can help you diagnose issues with your swing and delivery. The big question is this: Where should you be trying to put that ball? The answer is pretty simple.

Aim for Between the 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 Pins

The pins are numbered from one to ten. The first three pins are 1, 2, and 3, with the 1 pin being the first one closest to you, the 2 being the one behind it to the left, and the 3 being the one behind the 1 to the right. Aiming for the spot between either the 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 gives you a few different advantages.

Each pin the ball hits reduces the amount of momentum the ball has. That momentum is transferred to the pins it hits, and they are, in turn, sent into the other pins. The more momentum your ball has as it goes into the rest of the pins, the better. The 1 pin can be a great tool in knocking down other pins, but only if it’s struck nearly perfectly, right down the middle. Otherwise, it will serve to slow down the ball and also ricochet it out of the way of the other pins.

Hitting the pins between the 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 allows the ball to carry more momentum into the rest of the pins while still sending the pins it strikes initially into the others with enough speed. This area is also more forgiving if not struck absolutely perfectly. This increased margin for error makes it the perfect sweet spot to aim for.

Helpful Ideas to Throw a Birthday Party for a Tween

Throwing a party for your younger children may be a breeze, but when they get a little bit older, it can get complicated quickly. Deciding on a theme, a venue, and who to add to the guest list can be challenging. You may need a little more help to throw a party that is sure to be a fun time, both for the birthday boy or girl and for their guests. We have some tips that can make some of that pressure away and ensure a great time.

Let Them Have Some Control

If you have a tween whose birthday is coming up, it’s a good idea to let them be part of the planning process. You don’t want to surprise them with something that may be embarrassing, even if they would have loved it a year or two ago. To ensure the party is something they will enjoy, let them help you come up with ideas and pick decorations that they will love.

Keep the Party Small

While young kids might do well invited the entire class to their party, tweens are a bit past that point. If you invite everyone in town who is their age, you are likely to be plunged into chaos. Kids at this age can be tricky and keeping the guest list limited will help you keep sane throughout the process. Having just your kid’s best friends will often be a better party experience anyway.

Offer Fun Entertainment

At this age, kids want to have something to do and just leaving them unsupervised to do whatever they want can easily turn into a disaster. Think about choosing a venue that offers entertainment for the kids so you can relax and enjoy the time, too. Bowling centres are a great option and often have activities beyond tossing balls down a lane. On top of that, many of them have food, as well. You won’t even have to clean up the aftermath.

Keep it Simple

While you might have had a theme, dozens of decorations, and goody bags for your younger children’s birthday parties, that isn’t always needed for tweens. Most of these kids are at an age where they just enjoy hanging out, chatting, and having fun. This is great news if you don’t want to spend a ton of money but do want your kid to have a birthday party to remember.

Whatever you do, make sure your tweens (or teens) have input into the party for their upcoming birthday. You might be surprised to see what ideas they come up with. In the end, all that matters is that everyone has a great time.

Bowling is the Perfect Family Activity at the End of the School Year

Bowling is the Perfect Family Activity at the End of the School Year

When the end of the school year comes around, parents start to stress about how to keep their kids active and entertained until the start of the next school year begins. While some kids have sports and others have camp, there are always going to be gaps. You probably don’t want the kids spending hours every day sitting watching television, which makes bowling a great option for shaking things up.

People of All Ages Can Go Bowling

If you’d like to spend quality time with the kids, you have to consider your activities carefully. Some things are more geared for kids, while others are more focused on the needs of adults. The great thing about bowling is that anyone of any age can take part in it. This is a wholesome family activity that is also a whole lot of fun. When you feel like you’re getting in a family rut, visit The Planet for bowling, laser tag, and more. Everyone will feel refreshed when the visit is over.

One of the Most Affordable Sports

For families that love sports and getting some exercise in, getting the gear to take up a new sport or hobby can sometimes be a problem. That isn’t an issue when you travel to the nearest bowling centre. While you can get into the hobby and spend money on special bowling balls, shoes, and more, it isn’t a requirement. You can walk in with a few euro and rent shoes and play a few games. Even bringing the whole family along is likely to be more inexpensive than many other options you have.

Get a Break from the Summer Heat

No matter where you live, it can get a bit hotter in the summertime. Staying outside when the temperature is nice is something most people enjoy, but sometimes you need a break from it all. The bowling centre is a great place to take refuge when you just want to relax and avoid the summer climate. There is plenty to do for a few hours, including food and drink, so you don’t have to step back outside until you feel up to it. If the kids are getting cranky, give it a shot before heading back out into the sun.

Fun for the Entire Family

Family bonding can be tough if you have a large family since someone might end up feeling left out. With bowling, everyone gets to have a turn playing a fun game and getting praised for their efforts. While the kids aren’t up to bowl, you can talk and bond with them for a better relationship overall.

Bowling is fun and it makes a great family environment at the end of the school year. When you’re ready to throw on your bowling shoes and hit a few pins, The Planet is here to make that possible.

Excellent Reasons to Bowl the Summer Away

Excellent Reasons to Bowl the Summer Away

Summer is a season that many people romanticise and can’t wait for every year. However, once summer is actually upon you, you start to remember how much there is to worry about. Sunburns, bugs, and kids with lots of free time can lead to some amount of chaos that isn’t seen in the other seasons. But don’t worry. There are still some fun things you can do in the summer that the entire family will love. When you get tired of spending time outdoors, bowling is a great summer activity to take part in.

Everyone Can Participate

With many sports, like soccer, gymnastics, and rugby, parents are left on the sidelines to watch the game. If you have other kids who hate watching the other kids play, why not take advantage of a sports everyone can be a part of. When you bowl with the whole family, everyone gets a turn, and nobody has to sit around and observe. Resting happens in between turns but there’s always another round to play.

Takes Up Free Time

When kids are in school, there are tons of things to take up time. School, homework, and extracurricular activities all add up and leave to a lack of free time. However, in the summer, kids have a lot more time to fill. One of the things you can do is offer them the chance to experience a new sport, such as bowling. It gives the kids something fun to do and allows them to develop a new skill.

Social Environment

Kids and adults alike can use extra social experience. Social skills grow through use and bowling can be an option for using those skills in a low-key environment. You can easily interact with others who enjoy something you do through bowling. Kids will make new friends and you might do the same things. The whole family can learn stress management, cooperation skills, and more.

Relaxed Exercise

With sports like football or basketball, the exercise is of a high-intensity. You need to take time in between games to keep your body healthy and avoid injuries. Bowling is a great source of exercise, but it’s also gentle on the body. Parents and kids can enjoy some exercise without any stress about getting worn out or injured. Even the grandparents can get involved and have fun with the little ones in a fun atmosphere.

These are just a few of the reasons that bowling makes a great family activity during the summer. When the kids are sick of being outside, consider visiting The Planet for bowling, laser tag, and more. You may be surprised by how much the whole family enjoys it.

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