The Best Defensive Techniques for Laser Tag

There’s nothing quite like hitting the laser tag arena at your local bowling centre to take down the other team with shot after shot. However, it can also be exciting to help your team win without offensive play. Playing defensively is the key to preventing the other team from winning by getting shots on you and your teammates.

Turn Sideways if You Can’t Duck

Sometimes you may not see someone aiming to shoot you, but other times you might catch a glance at them before they pull the trigger. If you do see them coming, you should duck if you have the option. If not, the next best thing is to turn sideways. This makes it harder to hit your sensors to get points from hitting you.

Observe the Layout Early

Knowing the arena is crucial from the start when playing a game of laser tag. You need to know the best places to see the arena while having some cover to prevent getting hit yourself. However, remember that you don’t have to stay in one spot through the whole game. Moving around occasionally will give you more options.

Learn to Walk Like a Crab

The best protection you can get is by walking sideways as a crab would. Remember that the more you move, the more you protect yourself. If you stand around in one location for too long, an experienced player is going to end up tagging you and getting points.

When playing defensively, the tips above can make things simpler and ensure you don’t get hit by the other team. Pay attention to everything around you, and don’t stay in one place too long for the best results. Whatever you do, make sure you are having a good time in the arena!

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