The Absolute Basics of Bowling

So, you have decided to spend some time at the local bowling centre, and you want to try bowling for the first time. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. This is a sport that people of all ages can enjoy as a casual or competitive sport. We’ll walk you through the basics of tossing the ball for the first time.

How to Hold the Ball

When you pick up the ball, you are going to place your ring and middle fingers into the top holes with your thumb in the bottom hole. The ball should be held to your side with one hand underneath it for better support.

Go to the Foul Line

The basic approach involves standing at the foul line with a straight back, centred shoulders, and slightly bent knees. The ball arm should be hanging by your side with your back tilted slightly forward. Keep your feet slightly apart with the slide foot in the front.

Work to Aim the Ball

The bowling lane will have a series of dots and black arrows on it. As a beginner, you want to roll the ball in the centre of the marks. After you get better at bowling, you can aim to the left or right while hooking the ball. Ignore the pins entirely and focus on the lane marks instead. 

Let Go of the Ball

The last thing you need to do is release the bowling ball. Swing the ball back and then bring it forward as you release it. You want to let go when your arm is as far forward as possible. Watch the target as you release the ball for the best results.

For a first-time bowler, these tips will get you started and let you experience how much fun this sport can be. You may find that you enjoy it so much that you want to head back to the bowling centre again in a few days. It’s a lot of fun and something anyone can take part in.

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