What to Know When Planning a Thirteenth Birthday Party

If you have an almost-thirteen-year-old in your home, hosting a birthday party can be a challenging prospect. Your child is growing older and is about to be a teenager, which means they probably have many thoughts about what sort of party they would like to have. Turning 13 is a huge milestone and something that should be recognized with a unique party that will be remembered for years to come. We have some great ideas to ensure just that.

Planning the Party for a Teen

Some almost 13 years olds are going to feel like having a birthday party is uncool and may want to do something different from what has been the standard so far in life. Even if you loved the parties you planned when the child was younger, you don’t want to embarrass them or force them to attend a party they won’t enjoy. That’s why you should let your child share their own ideas and thoughts about what they want to do for the special day. Maybe they want to invite only a few friends or prefer something less of a party and more of a hangout. That can still be fun, and you can still celebrate in a lowkey way.

Activities and Entertainment for Kids of Almost 13

While typical party games might not be what teenagers want at a party, you probably don’t want to leave a group of them to hang out and get into mischief. As such, you may want to make the party less structured but still provide plenty of options for fun. This is one of the reasons that a bowling centre can be the perfect place for a 13th birthday party. There’s tons of food, the kids can bowl or enjoy arcade games or even laser tag, and you can avoid being in the middle of the party. You can still hang out in the background, but the teens have their space and in an environment that isn’t privy to a lot of trouble.

Let Them Feel Grown Up

At a teenager, your kid is getting ever closer to being an adult. As such, this can be a good time to let them have more space to act like an adult. This applies to the birthday party and life in general. It’s a time for them to grow into themselves and make decisions on their own. So, host a party that your kid will love and appreciate the moment for what it is, a huge milestone in their life.

Throwing a party for a 13-year-old may be different than hosting one for a child, but it can still be a way to bond and celebrate the child growing older. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let the kid have some say in what happens and enjoy the moment.

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