Try Something Different and Bowl the New Year In

Try Something Different and Bowl the New Year In

There are a few specific things that a lot of people choose to do when it comes time to ring in the New Year. Some people reserve a spot at a pub or restaurant to party with family and friends. Others go to a friend’s house to drink and hang out. The rest typically stay at home and watch the New Year come in before heading to bed. If you want something different to do this year, what about heading to a bowling centre? We’ll give you all the details on why this could be the most exciting destination available on New Year’s Eve.

Family-Friendly Fun

If you have kids, going to a bar or a rowdy party may not be appropriate. At a bowling centre in Ennis, you can all enjoy a few rounds tossing a ball down the lane. Bring along some friends and make it into a party that everyone can enjoy. Some centres offer deals for families where a certain number of adults can kids can bowl as much as they want between certain hours.

Low-Cost Form of Entertainment

Bowling isn’t exactly an expensive activity, which can be a good thing if you’re on a budget or want to bring a group of people to hang out for New Year. The bowling itself is inexpensive and if you want to grab snacks and beverages, those are usually at an excellent price point too. Some bowling centres also offer adult beverages so the older in the group can have just as much of a good time as the kids will.

Try Laser Tag

If you want to try something a little different, consider laser tag to ring in the New Year. You can have a lot of fun and kids over six can join in on the game. You get special lighting, fog, and music to make your heart start pounding. You can play on teams or individually and fight to see who does the best. It’s a safe and fun experience that will be a great precursor to the New Year coming in.

Soft Play for Kids

The little ones can hang out in the soft play area while everyone else is bowling strikes nearby. Find a play area with bouncing castles, ball ponds, and rope bridges so your kids can work off some of their excess energy. By the time you head home, everyone will be ready to sleep without the typical protests.

There’s no better bowling centre in Ireland than the Planet. We offer bowling, laser tag, and much more to fill your holiday with joy. Whether you’re coming alone or with a group, you can expect to see inexpensive prices for a super fun way to kick off the New Year.

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