Planning the Right Birthday Party by Age

The reality is that what makes a fantastic party for a one year old is a lot different from the ideal party for a three-year-old, five-year-old, or six-year-old. If your child has a birthday coming up soon and aren’t sure what to focus your energy on, we have the answers. We’ll share a few tips for the ultimate birthday party for your young child, no matter what their age is.

One-Year-Old Birthday

When it comes to the first birthday party, the reality is that your baby will have a fun time no matter what. They aren’t old enough to understand what a party is, although they are likely to enjoy the festivities. In many cases, parents choose to invite only other adults, but that’s up to you. In either case, you’ll want to keep the party short and get some cute pictures. Anything else is icing on the cake.

Two-Year-Old Birthday

Kids who are two can be full of surprises and a party for them can be challenging. You’ll see kids with a wide range of emotions which can change on a dime. Make sure you host the party somewhere that is child proofed so the children are safe. It’s best to leave opening gifts until after the party, as well, since other guests might not understand why they aren’t getting gifts.

Three-Year-Old Birthday

Now that your child is closing in on three, the guests will be beginning to understand the purpose of a party. Group activities work well with children of this age but only for limited amounts of time. Imitation games can be a lot of fun at this age. The party still shouldn’t be super long as children will tire out. Try to keep it to under two hours for the best results.

Four-Year-Old Birthday

At the age of four, children are active and imaginative, which makes parties a lot of fun. You might want to plan for active games so they can burn off energy during the party. Play some fun music and consider doing a scavenger hunt. This party could run a bit longer than that for the three-year-olds, but you probably don’t want to push it.

Five-Year-Old Birthday

By the time a child is five, they may be old enough to help plan the party. Consider letting them choose the theme or letting them have the party at a child-friendly venue. Bowling centres are great for young children since there are active games, food, and extra hands around to keep things in hand.

This should give you an idea of what sort of party to host for your child from the ages of one to five. Don’t overthink it or feel like you have to make everything perfect. Kids will have a great time as long as you consider their ages and make the party age appropriate.

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