How To Choose The Right Bowling Ball For You

When it comes to choosing the right ball, bowling is like home maintenance. Nothing beats having the right tool for the job. Without a ball that’s just right, you’re going to struggle. You may be able to overcome some of the struggle well enough to have some really good games, but bowling well will actually require less skill once you get the right ball.

The Weight of the Ball

The ball should be around 10% of your body weight. The maximum weight allowed is 16 pounds, however, so there are limits. If the ball were allowed to weight much more, the advantage to bigger bowlers would be too substantial. They could manage bigger balls and would therefore be sending more momentum into the pins, all other things being equal. If you use the 10% rule, you will get a ball that’s just right for you. If it feels a little heavy at first, it will get easier to manage over time.

The Finger Holes

It’s best to have your ball specifically drilled for your particular size of finger. At first, this may feel strange. However, the only reason it feels weird is because you’re so used to using the balls that are available at the alley, and none of these is ever quite the right size for you. Having the holes drilled for you will make sure the fit is ideal.

The Covering of the Ball

You will probably want to go with a urethane and reactive-resin cover for your ball. They do a better job of reacting with the surface of the lane because they give it a nice grip. If you have a ball like this, you will be able to see more immediate results if you decide to start throwing hook shots.

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