How to Ensure Baby’s First Birthday is a Huge Hit

With a child who is just turning one, you might be stressing about planning the first birthday party. What you need to keep in mind is that for a child that small, there’s no need for everything to be perfect. The child isn’t going to care about a theme or which guests show up, which means you can let yourself off the hook a bit. Regardless, we have a few tips to ensure a great time for yourself and all the guests.

Keep the Guest List Short

If you want to keep your baby well-rested, a short guest list is better than one that includes everyone you know. This is a fantastic time for a relaxed birthday party that your baby can enjoy without being overwhelmed. You might want to invite only family, especially if your child is sensitive or doesn’t do well with lots of people around.

Pay Attention to Naptime

This may be a given but adult socialising times don’t always line up to the best time for baby to enjoy a party. Especially if you are inviting other young children, consider nap schedules and avoid having the party at those times. Going with something in the afternoon or brunch may work better for everyone. If the tots get tired, you’ll be dealing with that during the party.

Accommodate Everyone

While you want to have snacks that the baby and other children will love, you also want to have food and drink for adults and people of other ages. One of the best options here is to choose a venue that provides food, such as a bowling centre. You’ll likely get a party package with kid-friendly food and adults can snack on whatever they like from the main menu.

Take Photos Early

You are going to want to have keepsake photos of the birthday boy or girl, but that can be hard to do once the party has taken off. Wherever you are holding the party, get there a few minutes early and have photos of the birthday kid done then. You can also get some family photos snapped before the party begins since you’ll likely be busy once guests start showing up.

Temper Your Expectations

While you may have been photos of perfect first birthday parties on social media with all the decorations handmade, a freshly baked cake, and guests all smiles, that isn’t how a party really works. The reality is that nobody is going to mind if you pick up a cake from a bakery and your little one is not going to mind if the decorations come from a shop instead of being painstakingly made in your craft room.

What matters at your child’s first party is having fun and enjoying the experience. Do whatever works for you, take photos, and try to let the stress slide off. You’ll be surprised how much fun it can be once you let go of expectations.

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