Host Etiquette When Throwing a Child’s Birthday Party

One of the most exciting celebrations parents get to be a part of is hosting their children’s birthday parties. Kids can find their birthday more important and exciting than even holidays. It happens only once a year, so parents enjoy making it a special occasion. However, certain etiquette applies when hosting a birthday party and we wanted to share the basics so you can host a great party without worries.


About the Invitations


When you’re planning the party, sit down with your son or daughter and talk to them about who they want to attend the party. You’ll want to invite family members and close friends, along with children who are the child’s age. If you plan to invite most of the class, it’s usually better to invite them all so nobody feels left out. However, if you want a smaller party, there’s no need to send an invitation to everyone you know. Send out invitations in advance so people can plan for the party without having to change their plans.


Gift Opening Guidelines


If your child will be opening presents during the party, this often occurs after refreshments are served. Your child should be aware of how important it is to show thanks for all gifts, even if they get something they don’t like. The opening period shouldn’t be long and after all are open, they should be moved to another area so the party can continue.


Thinking About the Venue


You can choose to host the party in your home or at another venue. A bowling centre is a good option since it has entertainment, food, and a party atmosphere. While deciding on the venue is personal, remember that if you choose your own home, you’ll have to clean before the party for the parents and after the party since children can be messy.


Party Favour Thoughts


Having some sort of goody bag or party favours for the guests is typical at a child’s birthday party. If you choose to do bags, make sure there is one for each child. You might want to write their name on the bag so there are no mix-ups or confusion. Don’t feel like you have to buy expensive items for the bags. Items from a dollar store or inexpensive shop will be loved just as much. It gives them something to take home so they can remember the fun they had.


Beyond those tips, make sure you have plenty of cake and food that each child can eat. Choosing a venue like a bowling centre makes that easier since the kids and parents can select what they would like to eat. No matter what you do, remember that making sure the birthday boy or girl has a good time is the ultimate goal.

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