7 Best Reasons to go, Bowling,

Bowling is a fun, competitive activity. It is great for a first date, group activity or party. There are actually a lot more reasons why you should go bowling more often. Here are our top ones.

Reason to Show Off

Getting a strike gives you bragging rights. Hearing the crack as the ball hits the pins and they come crashing down never gets old. When this happens, you get instant respect from friends and family.

It’s Cheap

It costs a lot less to go bowling than to go to the movies. Bowling provides hours of entertainment, like going to see a movie, but does not come with the big-ticket price.  When you factor in the price of dinner and a movie for a family of four and compare it to the cost of going bowling, bowling always comes out cheaper.


Because a bowling alley is enclosed, the weather outside will never cancel your plans to hang out. If it is really hot, there is air conditioning. If it is really cold, they will turn up the heat. You never have to worry about inclement weather; it is always the perfect temperature.

Party Planning

When planning a party, a bowling centre will help you with the details. Because they already have the games, food, activities and space, much of the planning can be completed in one brief meeting with the management.

Food Options

There are a variety of food options to choose from. Healthy options such as Subway and popular finger food are available to satisfy the appetite of everyone in your party.

Shoes and Socks

You get shoes and socks if you need them. This way everyone is guaranteed to make sure they have the equipment they need in order to have a good time. Sizes for the whole family are available.

Everyone Can Play

No one is left out at a bowling alley. People of all ages and skill levels can participate and have a great time. Next time you are planning a family outing or are just hanging with your friends, head on over to the bowling alley.

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