A Kid-Friendly Bowling Centre: The Ultimate Fun Solution

As a kid, most everyone who bowled had a love/hate relationship with bowling. There was nothing sweeter in the universe than bowling that perfect strike—and there was no lower point in your existence than throwing that perfectly imperfect gutter ball. Those who were determined kept trying. The rest, scared, gave up. Kid-friendly bowling centres are now here, and their mission is to make bowling fun for every kid. Mission: accomplished.

Bumper Lanes

Bowling without gutter balls is like baseball with no outfield players. Yes, it’s still fun. The joy of bowling is derived from knocking down pins, not avoiding gutter balls. Bumper lanes make this a reality by keeping the ball where it should be: in the lane and knocking down pins.

The Food Is Great

Not that bowling centre food is the solution for a fully capable nutrition plan, but for a night of bowling, it is simply delicious. The food comes quickly, tastes great, and is easy to eat, all of which are perfectly suited to kids.

Ramping It Up

Ramps, when placed in the middle of the lane, can enable a kid to get the ball going in the right direction without having to lug it back and clumsily drop it with a thud on the unforgiving floor. Kids still have a great time because, to them, they still bowled that ball just right.

Dinosaur Ramp

What could possibly make a better ramp than one shaped like a dinosaur? Kids, like all of us, love dinosaurs. When their favourite prehistoric buddy helps them send the ball down the lane, the partnership is enthralling.

Light Balls

Is there anything better than a bowling ball that lights up as it rolls down the lane? Probably not. A ball that lights up adds a whole new level of thrill to the bowling experience, especially for a kid.

Those Perfect Little Shoes

A bowling centre with kid-sized shoes makes the whole experience so much better. Your kid will feel like he or she blends in with the big folks as the shoes get strapped on and the ball is selected. And besides being ideal for Instagram pics, the shoes provide a level of safety and stability for your child while preserving the polished finish of the floor.

Kid-friendly bowling – it’s the answer to how to ensure your kids have a great time.

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