The Pros and Cons of Having a Birthday Party at a Play Centre

As a mom, you may be considering the best way to throw a birthday party. Many moms opt to use a play centre as their venue of choice. There are some good reasons moms do so and some reasons why some choose to go another direction.

The Pros

The number one pro is the fact that you don’t have to clean up afterwards. The kids can make as much of a mess as they want, and no matter what, you aren’t the one stuck with a mop.

Following close up in second place is the fact that no matter how rowdy the party gets, the host’s house does not get damaged. A conscientious mom may have to spend as much time hiding the family’s valuable things as she does cooking and decorating just to make sure nothing gets damaged. However, invariably, that special mug you always wanted to keep gets bounced just a little too hard, and the party’s over. Having a party at a play centre avoids this potential headache.

The Cons

One of the primary cons is the cost of hiring a play centre for the party. When you do it at home, it feels as if the venue is “free.” In reality, however, a mom’s time is money, so all of the time spent cleaning up could be seen by some moms to be time wasted. This causes some moms to see the cost of a party centre as worth the extra expenditure.

A venue may have limits as to how many people can fit inside. This may make it hard to invite all of the people you want.

Some venues have a dedicated list of caterers with which they do business. A play centre venue you hire may force you to use one of their caterers, and that could involve an extra cost.

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